Vipassana Meditation and the Scientific World View


  • Author: Paul R. FLeischman, MD
  • Publisher: Vipassana Research Publications
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • Pages or No. of Discs: 86
  • ISBN : 9781681723211


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We have lived in an era during which the spirituality intrinsic to science has become obvious.

The universe is not random. It contains patterns and paths. This is called the information-state of the universe, and it organizes the materials and energies that form our bodies and minds. We are each microcosms; downloaded into our small selves are a vast array of directives and limits, the laws of science, that govern stars as well as our hearts and minds. We can gain access to some of the wisdom of this universal, lawful reality through meditation. As we observe our body sensations with equanimity, we come in contact with basic laws of physics, like entropy, or the decay of aggregates over time, and we also encounter basic laws of psychology, like the fact that social love, Mettā, leaves us happier than anger or fear. We may become self-balanced to face contingencies.

It is science, not mysticism or religion, that reveals the value of Vipassana as a vestibule to ultimate realities, and highlights it as a practical guide to the psychology of well-lived lives. We are each unique snowflakes, patterns and lace, melting in the cosmic storm. We arise and pass inside a universe, a web, a Dhamma. We become aware of the scriptures that are inscribed inside us and that guide our wellbeing.

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