You Can Never Speak Up Too Often for the Love of All Things


Poems by Paul R. Fleischman

  • Author: Paul R. Fleischman, MD
  • Publisher: Pariyatti Publishing
  • Imprint: Pariyatti Press
  • Pages or No. of Discs: 100


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Poems based on themes from the world of meditation, social and ethical values, the biological nature of things blended with poetic, reverential awareness of the natural world. The author offers us a poignant look at the realization of impermanence where suffering and joy meet.

„…All we have is love and intermittent equanimity. In a world of patterns and impermanence. Anenomes, geraniums, and fading human faces in the mirrors of my mind.“

„…In the deepest meditation, edges disappear, All memories become rounded by charitable acceptance, All turmoil subsided to undulating rivers washing over beds of rounded stones. Rushing towards open seas are poems of remote and exquisite peace.“

„…Let us surrender our life with calm, dignity, and gratitude for what we’ve had, not dismay about what is passing. Until then let reverence be our guide to becoming citizens for the new age of earth.Even if we don’t let all of these things happen, let them happen anyway.“

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