Collected Bodhi Leaves


Vol. III – Numbers 61 to 90

Author: various authors
Publisher: Pariyatti Publishing
Pages or No. of Discs: 421
ISBN 13: 978-1-68172-080-7


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Pariyatti Edition of the Collected Bodhi Leaf Publications Volume III (includes Bodhi Leaves 61-90)

This volume brings together thirty collected essays by different authors that were earlier published by BPS as the treasured Bodhi Leaves series.

The Bodhi Leaves were originally published as a series of smaller booklets, hand-sized, between 16 and 40 pages in length. Their range of topics vary, and the tone is less expository and more conversational. Bodhi Leaves are intended to offer personal insights into the Buddha s teachings, close-up focus on specific ethical and social problems, and practical guidelines to living by the light of the Dhamma. This series was discontinued some years ago, but the texts are now available in this five volume series of Collected Bodhi Leaves.

    Collected Bodhi Leaves Volume III

  • BL61: The Law of Karma and Mindfulness by Dr. Karel Werner
  • BL62: Drugs or Meditation? by Lama Govinda
  • BL63: The Buddha a Unique Teacher by Francis Story
  • BL64: Arahantship by Jacqueline Dunnington
  • BL65: When the Ego Meets Buddhism by Carlo Gragnani
  • BL66: The Twin Pillars and Other Essays by John Andrew Storey
  • BL67: The Buddha’s Teachings by Soma Thera
  • BL68: The Elimination of Anger by K. Piyatissa Thera
  • BL69: The Search For Buddhist Economics by Padmasiri De Silva
  • BL70: The Buddhist Code of Discipline by Soma Thera
  • BL71: The Taste of Freedom by Bhikkhu Bodhi
  • BL72: The Development of the Will by Wladyslaw Misiewicz and Perfection of Energy by Shantideva
  • BL73: Emancipation from the World by Buddhad sa Bhikkhu
  • BL74: What Meditation Implies by Acariya Buddharakkhita
  • BL75: Perfections of Buddhahood by Nina van Gorkom
  • BL76: The Population Crisis and Conservation in Buddhist Perspective by Dr. Douglas M. Burns
  • BL77: Coming to Terms With One s Shadow by Ruth Walshe
  • BL78: The Concept of Peace as the Central Notion of Buddhist Social Philosophy by O. H. de A. Wijesekera
  • BL79: Words Leading to Disenchantment and Samsara by Soma Thera
  • BL80: Two Buddhist Essays by J. F. McKechnie (Bhikkhu Silacara)
  • BL81: The Path to Purity by M. B. Werapitiya
  • BL82: A New Age? A Buddhist View and Relating Religions by Bhikkhu Khantip lo
  • BL83: Heredity Beyond Materiality and Causality and Moral Responsibility by D. D. P. Nanayakkara
  • BL84: Insight Meditation in the Forest by Ron Ohayv
  • BL85: Beginning Insight Meditation by Dorothy Figen
  • BL86: Buddhism in Daily Life by M. O C. Walshe
  • BL87: Buddhism as a Practical Teaching by H. L. Seneviratne
  • BL88: Buddhist Tales from Sanskrit Sources retold by Ratna Handurukande
  • BL89: Anatt and Moral Responsibility by D. Jayasundere
  • BL90: Your Best Friend by M. B. Werapitiya

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