Awareness and Wisdom in Addiction Therapy

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The In-depth Systemics Treatment of Menatal-somatic Models

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Drug addiction has a reputation of being unchangeable. However, it is the view of these authors that a full cure from drug addiction or habitual addiction can be achieved. In this essay they address both the recovery and the long-term goal of healing from addiction. Combining both the principles of systemic therapy and experience gained through many years of counseling, they develop a unique model called „in-depth systemic“ therapy. This model extends the classical systemic model by introducing and expanding on the ‚mental‘ dimension of mental-somatic models. The central point of their work is the thesis that addicts themselves have to reorganize and restructure their own habitual ways of perception and cognition. Vipassana meditation serves as the instrument of choice to realize this transformation. Vipassana comprises an ethical lifestyle (moral conduct), concentration of the mind through meditation, and working progressively on one’s own mental-somatic models.

This essay is directed towards practitioners within the fields of drug addiction, psychotherapy, social work, life counseling and coaching who are interested in the development of the autonomy of their clients and their own autonomy. Meditators from the fields of awareness and wisdom will also find various connections to bring forward their development through exploring their direct experiences. Additionally, scientists concerned with the integration of theory and practice, as well as empirically-based theory building, will find much of interest.

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