Tranquillity and Insight


An Introduction to the oldest form of Buddhist Meditation

Author: Amadeo Sole-Leris
Publisher: Buddhist Publication Society
Publication Date: 1/1/1990
Pages or No. of Discs: 176


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As the introduction of this wonderful book states, „The purpose of the present study of Buddhist meditation is to offer a general view – inevitably rather abbreviated, but complete in essentials – of the methods of meditation which were tried out, perfected and taught by the great master, the Buddha, some 2500 years ago, as they have been preserved in the most ancient traditions of his teaching. We know those meditative techniques in detail thanks to the texts of the Pali canon, which have preserved the words of the Buddha, and also through the living transmission of meditation practice, handed down from generation to generation in the oldest unbroken tradition of Buddhism, known as Theravada…“

This book explores Buddhist meditation from its earliest roots in samatha – tranquility meditation, or Vipassana – insight meditation.

„Buddhist meditation does not mean…that one has to start by blindly accepting certain beliefs before one may practice it or perform rituals. It means, quite simply, to practice the techniques of mental training tried out and taught by the Buddha himself, which do not demand a preliminary commitment to an organized religion.“

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