Realising Change

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Vipassana Meditation in Action

Author: Vipassana Research Institute
Publ. Year: 2003
Pages: 260
ISBN: 81-7414-234-7


This book captures Vipassana meditation in action by featuring accounts of practitioners leading everyday lives, aims to make Vipassana better known and more clearly understood. ‚Realizing Change‘ was in the making for five long years.

The book is arranged in three parts: Section A: ‚Vipassana—Meditating on Change‘ looks at the impact of change on our lives today, what Vipassana meditation is and what happens in a ten-day course.

Section B: ‚Vipassana—Changing Everyday Life‘ describes the various ways that individuals and organisations are applying the teaching in everyday situations, at home, with friends and in settings such as education, business and administration, social reform and health.

Section C: Appendices provide information for those wanting to find out more about Vipassana and how to set about joining a course.

This book is ideal for Vipassana meditators as well as non-meditators.

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