Pagoda Seminar


Oct. 97 Mumbai

Author:  Vipassana Research Institute
Publ. Year: 1998
Pages: 140
ISBN No: 81-7414-132-4


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The inauguration of the Global Vipassana Pagoda in February 2009, marked a major milestone in the spread of Vipassana meditation. Towering over 100 meters into the sky, this monument of peace, acts like a bright light-house of universal Dhamma, beckoning people to walk on the eightfold noble path as taught by the Buddha.

In October 1997, the Foundation Stone of the Pagoda was laid in Mumbai. On the occasion of this auspicious event, Global Vipassana Foundation published this book, providing a bird’s eye view on the spread of Vipassana in the modern times. It chiefly provides the following information:

• The purpose of the Global Vipassana Pagoda and articles by Mr. S. N. Goenka explaining the importance of the Pagoda.
• Essays by senior meditators with rare stories of early days at Dhamma Giri.
• Inspiring details on the spread of Vipassana meditation in India and around the world.
• Experiences of students describing the impact of Vipassana on their daily life.
• Articles on the role of Vipassana meditation in government, business, prisons and reforms.

This book is ideal for Vipassana meditators as well as non-meditators

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