A Meditator’s Handbook


Author: Bill Crecelius
Publisher: Pariyatti Publishing
Imprint: Vipassana Research Publications
Publication Date: 9/25/2015
Pages or No. of Discs: 93


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Bill Crecelius has written a straightforward, practical guide for those who seek to establish themselves in Vipassana meditation. He is an experienced Vipassana Teacher who was one of Goenkaji s earliest Western students. Drawing on his own long experience in the practice, A Meditator s Handbook is full of encouragement, homey examples and vivid illustrations. It contains a wealth of sound friendly advice. It is recommended for any Vipassana meditator, and especially for those who have just started practicing.

Excerpt from the book:

I have learned how to keep my practice together and make it grow. I would like to share this with you. First as a single man living in an area with no other meditators, then living in an area with many other Vipassana meditator friends and finally as a married man with a Dhamma partner, I adapted my life to one of living in the Dhamma.

The path of the monk is high and lofty. It is said that the path for the monk is clear and smooth and easy to walk on. It is high above the muck and mire. There are no stones, pebbles, sharp rocks or thorns. Unfortunately for us poor householders this is not the case. Our lives are bound up in worldly responsibilities, jobs, family ties, and mortgage payments. Unlike the monks, our path is full of worldly impediments and distractions. It is for this reason that I think A Meditator s Handbook might help Vipassana students on their walk along this path of purification.

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