A Lifetime Doing Nothing


  • Author: Ian McCrorie
  • Publisher: Pariyatti Press
  • Publication Date: 2021
  • Pages: 188
  • ISBN: 978-1-68172-381-5


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„In my experience, all our problems do indeed stem from this hyperactive and delusional thinking we have acquired over time.

There is a way to eradicate the light-speed, blind reactions and the habitual confusion. The way is very simple. It boils down to just two words: do nothing. That s it. Do nothing. Sit quietly in a room alone and do nothing. Watch the monkey mind and do not try to fix it or eliminate it or drown it out or engage it.

This is doing non-doing. Observe the mind, on autopilot as usual, screaming editorial comments from the sidelines like some frenzied play-by-play announcer and do nothing about it. Don’t turn the monologue into a dialogue. Do nothing. ‚Nothing to see here, folks. Let’s keep it moving.‚“

—Ian McCrorie

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