The Chronicles of Dhamma,

by Ian Hetherington.
The Chronicles of Dhamma
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In 1969, S.N. Goenka arrived in India on a lifelong mission: to reestablish Vipassana meditation in the land of its origin and make it available around he world. The Vipassana Newsletter has made a key contribution to that mission

This collection of articles shows the range of material carried in the Newsletter through the decades. The format, style and distribution method have evolved, but the underlying goal has never wavered: to provide information and inspiration to meditators everywhere.

In these pages are discussions of theory, exhortations to students, recollections and reminiscences, questions and answers, accounts of notable occasions and more. They show an ancient teaching that has taken on new life and is changing the lives of many for the better.

Published by: Vipassana Research Publications, 2012