In the Hope of Nibbana

The Ethics of Theravada Buddhism
by Winston L. King
In the Hope of Nibbana
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Buddhism is deeply woven into the fabric of life in Myanmar (formerly Burma), where an insular history made it ideal place to study the influence of the Buddha´s teaching on a culture and people. The author provides an overview of Buddhist psychology, the process of self-perfection, and a description of the ultimate goal of Nibbana. The layperson´s dedication to performing meritorious actions "in the hope of Nibbana" is a central theme, along with the struggle to align ethical values with the realities of the modern world.

Dr. Winston L. King, a professor of religious studies, also authored Buddhism and Christianity: Some Bridges of Understanding; A Thousand Lives Away; Theravada Meditation: The Buddhist Transformation of Yoga. In the Hope of Nibbana was written after two years of study in Burma during the early 1960s; he wrote a postscript for this new edition shortly before he passed away at the age of 92.

Published by: Pariyatti Press, December 01