Effect of Vipassana Meditation on quality of Life,

Subjective Well-being, and Criminal Propensity
among Inmates of
Tihar Jail, Delhi.
Final Report by Dr. Amulya Khurana and Prof. P.L.Dhar

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Vipassana was introduced in Tihar Jail in November 1993 when the first course was organized in Central Jail No. 2, where 96 convicts and 20 staff/officers of jail participated. Its success led to a succession of courses, including the largest ever Vipassana course of over 1000 prisoners in April 1994. A detailed investigation into effect of Vipassana on inmates was undertaken under the aegis of department of Psychiatry, AIIMS in 1994 and its results were very encouraging. The main aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of Vipassana meditation on Subjective Well-being and Criminal Propensity of Tihar Jail inmates. Also on of the goals was to see the overall pschological bearing of Vipassana meditation on prison inmates.

Published by Vipassana Research Institute