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There is no guarantee that the entire world will become peaceful, but as much peace as you make in yourself, that much you are helping the peace of the world.

S.N. Goenka "The Gracious Flow of Dharma"


14 October 2022

From 27 October I will be processing orders again, tomorrow I will go on autumn holiday!

In the last weeks there was a lot going on in the shop: New books of the "Mahasatipatthana Sutta" were printed and delivered to Dhamma Dvara, there are also bookmarks to take home and the books for the Metta Day were partly renewed.

At "pariyatti" I have bought again, there are a few new books, e.g. "A Short Biography of the Venerable Ledi Sayadaw". The English version of the "Mahasatipatthana Sutta" is back in stock. I am very happy about "Deepening Insight", as well as "Das Frauenbild zur Zeit des Buddha" from the publisher "Beyerlein und Steinschulte".

29 July 2022

And again, new books have arrived! After a long journey across the big ocean, they are allowed into the cellar at home, where all the other books have also moved in the past weeks, which means relief in time and money...

Until 22 August there is a summer break, I am able to be at Dhamma Dvara for 20 days and will not process any orders during this time.


23 May 2022

After some bureaucratic hurdles at customs, 118 books have now arrived from India after more than 4 months and are already going well... The cooperation with the European centres is starting,
Bookmarks to take home are available in Dhamma Dvara on Metta Day and the demand for the sale of harem trousers is increasing. I have asked my favourite shop in Jena about a possible collaboration. The biggest construction site "website" is now in experienced hands and ayana-book.com is finally getting a new design. 


07 April 2022

From 09 April to 03 May I will be away and then for service at Dhamma Dvara, i.e. orders and questions will only be processed again after that.

Tomorrow I'll be at the copy shop, see if I can get some nice bookmarks printed out. In future, they will advertise ayana-book.com in the centres and can be taken away by interested people.


09 February 2022

The new year is full of reading. Courses are running again in Dhamma Dvara, new students are becoming old ones and their interest in Dhamma is awakened. However, there is to be no sale at the centre. I am there again regularly for course preparation and then do not process any orders for 3-4 days.

The books are stored in Jena, so come and see me or look under "new products" on the website!


22 December 2021

Ayana-book takes Christmas break until 03.01.2022 and wishes quiet and peaceful days!

Next year hopefully book deliveries will come from India, Belgium and Spain. From "pariyatti" almost all ordered books are now there, also new ones.

The resolution for 2022: website design!


16 November 2021

There are new books and audio plays! They came from German publishers and from the USA. More will follow...


04 November 2021

Ayana-book has now found a new owner.

On the last weekend in October, the books moved from Bonn to Jena. They have found their new home in a storage room that belongs to a residential building that used to be a prison. How fitting - the meditation technique can enable people to free themselves from their misery, especially in the darkest of places.

Still, I hope they don't stay there too long. The books should be spread and read!