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Dhamma Verses

by S.N. Goenka
Dhamma Verses
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"Dhamma is not found in temples, or sold in the bazaar. Dhamma is not found in books; whoever applies it attains it. (S.N. Goenka-Dhamma Verse 44)

S.N Goenka is best known as a teacher of Vipassana meditation-a modern master transmitting an ancient spiritual tradition dating back to the time of the Buddha. But he also carries on another tradition: that of the poet-sage whose words point the way to higher things. Just as the Buddha composed and often taught Dhamma by means of the gatha, or verse, so Mr. Goenka uses the doha, a rhymed couplet, chanted in his resonant voice, to instruct as well as inspire his Hindi-speaking students. This integral part of his teaching method has remained obscure for those who do not understand Hindi.

Dhamma Verses is an invitation to seekers everywhere to share the inspiration of his Dhamma poetry. This meticulously translated collection of over 100 of his dohas has been transcribed from the companion audio tape and presents each doha in the original Hindi as well as in Roman-script and English.

"If wisdom arises in your mind you become humble and modest, as a branch laden with fruit is sure to bow low. (S.N. Goenka-Dhamma Verse 92)

Published by Vipassana Research Publications, USA 2000