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Welcome to ayana-book.com

We are very pleased that we are now able to offer e-books and downloads and will continue to expand these product lines. We do not offer free downloads; we operate fairly towards all and our motivation is to ensure that there is still an opportunity for everybody here in Germany and Europe and the World to acquire Vipassana literature. We would like, after more than 20 years, thank to all the loyal meditators who have supported us through all the ups and downs over the years. Much has changed and will continue to change, but what has remained constant over the years is the grateful feedback from you. This is our motivation for returning this gratitude through our work with Ayana-book and keep Ayana-book alive.

Feel free to browse through the pages and if you want to give us a feedback, then we are very pleased.

Another of our small concerns: to settle the bill we trust in you. We deliberately avoid prepayment. We send the goods with an invoice and you can pay us comfortably within 14 days by bank transfer or paypal transfer on account.

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Your ayana-book Team

If, during life's up and downs,
Our spirit remains unperturbed,
Worry-free, pure and unflustered,
That is the greatest of all happiness.

Words of Dhamma